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From Thinking to Tangible

Growth Acceleration Adviser Scott Cochrane Champions $54B in Business by Leveraging Psychology and Neuroscience

For three decades, Scott Cochrane has leveraged the best of psychology and neuroscience in his work as a Growth Acceleration Adviser to hundreds of C-Suite leaders in 32 countries. His psychological and neuroscience-based methods have helped businesses achieve $54 billion in growth.

Athletes like Jack Nicklaus and others leverage the importance of seeing success first in the mind's eye to mentally set a pattern for over-achievement. Cochrane takes it a step further, advising executives how to strategically approach accelerated growth for both themselves and their companies to achieve exponential success. He documents it all in his books, keynotes, custom corporate programs, and retreats designed especially for C-Suite executives.

Cochrane believes that transformational growth begins at the end of a team's comfort zone. His key to success is aligning all team members to experience a flow state together, through visualization, creativity, gaming, collaboration, and communication.

How a company mutually creates a future and experiences flow states together could be an indicator of their future growth and ultimate success or failure, he says.

Creative Power Drives Innovation

Cochrane teaches leaders how to drive innovation by infusing their cultures with creativity. In his book, "Your Creative Mind: How to Disrupt Your Thinking, Abandon Your Comfort Zone, and Develop Bold New Strategies" (Career Press, 2016), he cites a Journal of Applied Psychology study demonstrating the negative effects of a territorial corporate culture on creativity. The study indicated people who communicate territorial control over their ideas receive less creative feedback from others.

Effectively leading an innovative organization, Cochrane explains, requires cultivating an atmosphere where people are more concerned with productivity than egotistical gratification. He guides leaders to create systems that allow people to effectively collaborate and share credit for success. This allows employees from all departments to participate in a company’s innovation and growth on a regular basis. Turning toxic competition between departments and individuals into collaboration, transformation, and ultimately tangible plans for action is Cochrane's specialty.

From Flow State to Sustainable Success

Research from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) estimates that 50% to 70% of executives fail within 18 months of taking on a role, regardless of whether they were an external hire or promoted from within. Cochrane helps leaders be on the right side of those numbers. He explains his approach:

"A Bold Mind approach means you're living, creating, taking action inside a state of flow. Perhaps you've experienced flow when you've been fully immersed in an activity. It's as if time comes to a standstill. When your energy is strong, you're fully engaged and present in the moment; that flow state will make your leadership style connect. When you're in this state and you are able to align your organization's mission in that flow state, that is what drives explosive, exponential growth. That's what I mean by Bold Mind X. And you must leave your comfort zone to build sustainable success. That's where my methods support a team and leader."

Boosting Collaboration, Productivity, and Profits

To work effectively, a complex modern organization needs to nurture its “root system” — to strengthen the connections that might not show up on an organizational chart but that grow beneath the surface, Cochrane says. He guides leaders to use skills such as storytelling, listening, problem-solving, empathy, and partnership to boost collaboration for:

• Effective teamwork
• Higher productivity
• Fewer conflicts and errors
• Enhanced innovation
• Improved recruiting and retention
• Superior customer relations

When leaders champion collaboration, it reshapes the way stakeholders see them and their organizations.

“Connectedness creates a supportive experience, a sense of sharing in something larger than yourself without the friction of parts in conflict,” Cochrane says. “That’s how a stakeholder will feel when they encounter a truly collaborative organization.”

Time Machine Leadership

In Cochrane's book, "Time Machine Leadership: How to Lead From the Future for Sustainable Success" (Dynamic Press, 2011), executives discover through a parable how to break free of limitations set by self and company. Cochrane's one-on-one advisory sessions, keynotes, and customized team projects use this book to anchor learning. Together participants step into a “time machine” to envision new possibilities and use the future to improve today's tasks and goals.

Cochrane has worked with CEOs, senior leaders, and executive boards to "re-imagine" their leadership approach, strategic planning, and organizational effectiveness in these specialty areas and industries:

Specialty areas:
• Executive Performance
• High-Performing Teams and Growth Acceleration
• M&A Integration
• Transformation

• Consulting Industries
• CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods)
• FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods)
• Technology
• Technology Wholesale Distribution
• Telco

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