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Secrets From Successful Leaders to Enhance Innovation

Scott shares how to access deeper levels of creativity, ingenuity, and innovation through tools including visualization, gaming, brainstorming, and his “Time Machine Leadership” exercise.

Are You Using Your Whole Brain? The Neuroscience of Creativity.

Great thinkers such as Einstein and artists such da Vinci had something in common: They were experts in combining logic and creativity. Drawing from fun exercises he’s developed for executive leaders, Scott Cochrane explains how to activate neural paths in the brain that connect the left and right hemispheres to ignite inspiration, creativity, and innovation.

How to Leverage Conflict to Boost Productivity

Conflict may feel uncomfortable, but it can lead to positive results when handled in a constructive manner. The key is to remember that conflict is nothing more than a differing of ideas or opinions on the same subject. With a focus on psychology and brain science, Scott shares tips for making conflict productive rather than destructive for both organizations and individuals.

Storytelling: The Positive Power of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

The stories we tell ourselves shape our beliefs. Beliefs influence feelings which guide behaviors, determining our results. Scott shares how to tap the power of self-fulfilling prophecy with stories that create positive and empowering beliefs, rather than ones that are negative and draining.

Emotional Intelligence & the Resonant Leader

Research shows emotionally intelligent leaders inspire their teams through sustained relationships and by “managing the emotional content of the organization.” Scott explains what it means to be an emotionally intelligent leader — not just in corporate management, but in any kind of organization, family, social group, and as leader of your own life.

3 Keys to Beating Burnout

Scott shares how leaders can inoculate themselves against the debilitating effects of burnout on themselves and their organizations.

5 Strategies to Master Change at Work

The world of work is changing at an extraordinary pace. As a leader, you may be facing downsizing, outsourcing, mergers, takeovers, or a suddenly more competitive market. Or maybe you’re gearing up for a positive change that brings more stress — a challenging promotion, a complex new project, or a product launch. Scott discusses the science of how we respond to change and shares five strategies to remain flexible, resilient, and serene in the face of change.

Tips to Reduce Turnover and Pump Productivity

Leaders are under tremendous pressure today. Scott Cochrane shares tips to enable leaders to reduce turnover of valued talent, lower costs, and optimize productivity.

Improve Recruiting and Retention

Learn best practices to not only recruit the best people, but also retain them.
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